Sector 13, Chandigarh - 160101 (UT)

58th National Roller Skating Championship


58th National Roller Skating Championship by RSFI was held in Chandigarh from 31st March 2021 to 11th April 2021 for the year 2020-21. A variety of Roller Sports competitions including Speed, Artistic, Roller Hockey, In-line Hockey, Roller Derby Skateboarding, and In-line Freestyle competitions were conducted.

The Roller Skaters from all over India participated with full enthusiasm despite the pandemic.

  1. Nanki, Shivin Goyal & Inderdeep participated in the Junior Boys & Junior Girls Team and clinched the bronze medal.
  2. Panav Mahajan participated in the Sub-Junior Boys Team and clinched the silver medal.
  3. Divleen Kaur also participated in the Sub-Junior Girls Team and won the gold medal in the In-line Roller Hockey Championship representing Chandigarh.
  • Divleen Kaur (First row, sitting in the centre)

  • Nanki, Shivin Goyal & Inderdeep (Standing from right to left)

  • Panav Mahajan (First row, third from the left)

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