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To inculcate in the students love for Mother Earth, Gurukul Global School celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd by arranging an array of online activities for the students of classes VI to X.

The students of classes VI and VII, created beautiful craft items by using the principle of three R’s i.e. Recycle, Reuse and Recreate, they created new and colorful crafts from the waste and unused items they found in their homes.

The students of classes VIII and IX designed handmade, artistic and colourful posters to give the message of keeping the Mother Earth safe and thus inculcating the love of their motherland by saving the precious resources provided by mother Earth.   

Last but not the least  the students of class X decided to plant a sapling each and take good care of it,  They also pledged  to keep their environment greener and cleaner by looking after the trees and plants in their vicinity .They promised that they would always plant new trees  and stop the cutting down of trees.

Principal Ms. Nina Pandey appreciated the efforts of the students and applauded the teachers for conducting such meaningful activities which not only gave the students a break from the monotony of online classes but also inculcated and instilled love for the mother Earth and motivated them to save the precious resources provided by the Mother Earth.

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